Hi all

I am trying to get input from mouse and keyboard using the default
input message queue in an ML application.

When I query the registry for the input service (to get the input
service id) I get UGL_NULL returned, signalling that there is no such
entry in the registry.

I have configured VxWorks for Media Library as per the manual, and I
have got simple graphics applications running, no problem. The Media
Library is configured with a Pointer (PS/2 style pointer, device name
/pointer/0) and a keyboard (PC Console, device name /pcConsole/1).

I query the registry like this:

UGL_REG_DATA* pRegistry;
UGL_UINT32 inputInstance=0;

pRegistry = uglRegistryFind(UGL_INPUT_SERVICE_TYPE, &inputInstance,
if(pRegistry != UGL_NULL)
inputServiceId = (UGL_INPUT_SERVICE_ID) pRegistry->id;

(1) What am I doing wrong? Is it a configuration problem or my
application that queries in the wrong way?
(2) Is there another way of obtaining inputs?

Thanks in advance
Troels Jensen