I'm porting my Tornado 2.2 from Windows to Linux. I've got the gcc
toolchain built and can successfully compile up and existing project.
In projects where certain files need to be generated, however, I'm
getting the following:

# tclsh /opt/Tornado/host/src/hutils/configGen.tcl ../MCP750.wpj

invalid command name "wtxPath"
while executing
invoked from within
"source [wtxPath]/host/resource/tcl/app-config/Project/prjLib.tcl"
(file "/opt/Tornado/host/src/hutils/configGen.tcl" line 28)

I know WRS' got these "wtx" extensions to tcl, but I don't know how to
get it under linux. Is there anyway to extend tclsh to handle them or
perhaps rebuild a wtxtcl soure? (I tried TornadoSh, but it gives me
the same wtxPath error)