Hi All,

I have written ethernet driver for our board ( ARM926EJ-S with VxWorks
5.5.1 running over it).

Till now I have been running TCP applications over it and they have
been running fine. I am also running stress tests to test the rate that
I get and I am getting 70-80 Mega bytes per second at TCP level.

Now I have shifted to test UDP applications , these applications run
fine but when I do stress tests they fail , I am not getting desired
rate as well. Infact after some time the system goes down.. This
happens with even packet size as small as 200 bytes.

I am confused because with TCP burst of 16000 bytes do not fail and the
tests run for days while in UDP even for 200 bytes the tests fail in
very short time.

Can anybody please help me regarding this??

Thanks in advance for your reply.