Hi All !

I'm writing regarding VxSim problem, I try to run target code using
VxSim application, everything works fine when I use Tornado and 'ld'
command to load code, but I'd like also to load build without Tornado
from C code using ld() routine, then I get following exception:

Loading....Exception !
Vector 13 : General Protection Fault
Program Counter : 0x00424c69
Status Register : 0x00010202

my code is as follows:

ld(0, 0, "host:../../bin/loadable/build.out")

I noticed that problem doesn't occur when I load small binaries (about
500 kB), but when I try to load my target image (about 4,5 MB) or try
to load few images (500 kB, then 250 kB) I get exception, since
everything works fine when I use 'ld' shell command I guess that it is
configuration/parameter matter,

I'd be very thankful if somebody pointed me what config should I change
or directed me to any WindRiver documentation or support,