hai everybody,
iam vijay. iam new to vxworks. iam trying to do a
project on network drivers(END).
i have downloaded the driver source code for rtl81x9 NIC . i have
downloaded these files
1. rtl81x9.c
2. rtl81x9.h
3. sysRtl81x9end.c
4. syslib.c
5. config.h
6. configNet.h
i have placed sysRtl81x9end.c in BSP(pcPentium). i have compiled source
like this " c:\tornado/host/x86-win32/bin > torVars.bat &
c:/tornado/target/src/drv/end/unsupported> make CPU=PENTIUM " .
i have configured config.h,configNet.h,syslib.c in my BSP according to
the files i have downloaded.
now i created a bootable floopy disk like this
c:\tornado/target/config/pcpentium>make clean
c:\tornado/target/config/pcpentium>make bootrom.bin
(i have formatted the floppy )
c:\tornado/target/config/pcpentium>mkboot a: bootrom.bin
now when i try to boot the target(x86), system is unable to boot. its
just hanging .

can anyone please help me regarding this. what is the wrong i
have done.
i want to get my NIC driver in the list of bootable devices and i want
to selct my device as bootable device
i will be thankful for the help.
please help me.