I designed a system based on MPC860T. Thy phy connector is LXT972A. I
have checked the hardware circuitry for several times ,there is no
error. But I cann't start the FEC driver. Below is the message
displayed in the terminate.Could you give some advice? Thanks!

Failed to attach to END device
Attaching interface lo0...done
Creating proxy network:
proxyNetCreate failed:4c0005

Adding 3212 symbols for standalone.
wdbConfig: error configuring WDB communication interface


Copyright 1984-2002 Wind River Systems, Inc.

CPU: Autosoft MPC860T Hardware version 1.0

Runtime Name: VxWorks
Runtime Version: 5.5
BSP version: 1.0/1 (c) sky(jian.tang), 2001

Created: Apr 10 2006, 15:49:38

WDB: Agent configuration failed.

0x1fffe00 (tRootTask): ipAttach: Can't attach (unit 0). It is not an
END devic