I want to enable the shared memory network on a two board power PC
system, but I don't want it to be the boot device.

If I set the slave up using it as the boot device, the shared memory
network comes up fine, it all boots and runs. but in the deployed
system I don't want to boot from the shared memory network, I am going
to boot from flash. but I still want the shared memory network to talk
between the boards. And I can't find a documented way to enable it on
the slave device without having it be the boot device.

my slave is configured as follows
boot device : rsNet
unit number : 0
processor number : 0
host name : host
file name : slave/vxWorks
inet on ethernet (e) :
inet on backplane (b):
host inet (h) :
user (u) : anonymous
ftp password (pw) : hals
flags (f) : 0x8

I have a backplane IP specified but it doesn't get initialized.
smNetShow says 'sm0 not attached'.
the master initializes sm0 on its side

any suggestions?