with tornado2.2.1(gcc version: 2.96), i encounter the following
compile errors:

vxrm *.o *.rpo ctdt.c symTbl.c vxApp* *.out *.pl
vxrm ..\prjComps.h ..\prjParams.h ..\prjConfig.c ..\linkSyms.c
vxrm ..\libs.nm ..\libs.size
ccsimpc -r -nostdlib -Wl,@..\prjObjs.lst -o partialImage.o
nmsimpc -g partialImage.o @..\prjObjs.lst | wtxtcl
-c simpc > ctdt.c
c++simpc -c -fdollars-in-identifiers -g -mpentium -ansi -fno-builtin
-fno-defer-pop -I. -I
C:\Tornado2.2\target\h\ -DCPU=SIMNT -DTOOL_FAMILY=gnu -DTOOL=gnu
..\include -ftemplate-depth-500 -fdollars-in-identifiers ctdt.c -o
ctdt.c:10: syntax error before `.'
`_GLOBAL_$I$_59_GLOBAL_$N$C__ipos_rpc_stub_lib_aut o_gen_rpc_stub' was
not declared in this scope
ctdt.c:24: syntax error before `.'
`_GLOBAL_$D$_59_GLOBAL_$N$C__ipos_rpc_stub_lib_aut o_gen_rpc_stub' was
not declared in this scope
make: *** [test_demo.out] Error 0x1

the error due to the name of a function include ".":
//in ctdt.c:
_GLOBAL_$I$_59_GLOBAL_$N$C__ipos_rpc_stub_lib_auto _gen_rpc_stub.cppW3Jbjc$InvokerV_9();

auto_gen_rpc_stub.cpp and auto_gen_api_stub.cpp include a same template
header, after I write a new cpp file composed of the above two files,
the error eliminated due to the above function -
_GLOBAL_$I$_59_GLOBAL_$N$C__ipos_rpc_stub_lib_auto _gen_rpc_stub.cppW3Jbjc$InvokerV_9
- don't be included in ctdt.c.

how to fix the error? by the way, my template class don't define any
static objects.
thanks very much!