A dump from the inetstatShow command lists multiple connections in the
FIN_WAIT_1 state, some of which have data in their Send-Q. These
connections were previously ESTABLISHED connections between a CORBA
middle-ware client and server. They remian in the FIN_WAIT_1 state for
hours. The dump also shows some ESTABLISHED connections with data in
the Recv-Q. The amount of data in the Recv-Q does not change over a
period of hours, again, connections related to CORBA middle-ware.
Finally, there is a large amount of data in the Recv-Q of a UDP echo
server. The amount of data fluctuates over time, but the Queue is
never emptied. All these partially terminated connections and
non-empty data queues exhaust the avialable mbuf pool.

I am unable to explain this bizarre behavior. Has anyone seen
something similar? Thanks in advance.