I've finally gotten our target board up and running but now i'm
encountering an error where files are not created where I think they

I've configured the Boot Loader to grab the VxWorks kernel from a unix
based ftp server. It does this just fine. Looking at 'pwd' from the
serial shell I see that the current directory is '/home/tbvboot'. I
then open tornado, connect to the target and open up a shell. There I
do a 'pwd' and it shows 'C:\Tornado2.2\host\x86-win32\bin' as the
current directory. At the tornado shell I then use a series of
fopen/fwrite/fclose commands to create a file that should (I would
think) be created in the local directory
(C:\Tornado2.2\host\x86-win32\bin) but instead is written to the
directory /home/tbvboot.

Its as if the kernel thinks the current directory is different than
what the shell thinks is the current directory. How do I sync the two
up? simply changing directories in the shell doesn't do the trick.
More over, if I do 'fp =
fopen("c:\tornado2.2\host\x86-win32\bin\testfile.txt","w")' I get back
what appears to be a valid file pointer. I can do an fwrite and get a
valid return indication. However, when I do an fclose() I get a -1
return value and the file does not exist.

Any help is appreciated.