Hi all, this is praneeth im buiding a firewall using Vxworks the
specifications of project are like this

The target is a pc486 with 3 NIC Cards fei82550 and its RAM is

My bootable vxworks include the application project.
A bootable vxworks image is created ,with a main function of the
application project which is referenced in usrAppInit.c.
The application project is basically acting as a firewall with tasks
running for packet handing.

after buiding the image, when i boot from image its starting but its
getting down with

Program counter:0x0019ce97

when i saw the lkaddr output its like this

0x0019c6c4 ip_output text
0x0019cf64 ip_optcopy text
0x0019d014 ip_ctloutput text
0x0019d3d4 ip_pcbopts text
0x0019d954 ip_getmoptions text
0x0019da54 ip_freemoptions text
0x0019db98 rip_init text
0x0019dbc8 rip_input text
0x0019dd48 rip_output text
0x0019de68 rip_ctloutput text
0x0019dfc8 rip_usrreq text
0x0019e318 qPriBMapPut text
value = 0 = 0x0