Hi all,

we have been using a ftp file system, i.e. vxworks is the client and on a pc
on the network a ftp server is running. Since we had some trouble with ftp
we decided to buy the CIFS fs from Visuality systems. With CIFS one can
connect to standard windows shares on the network - no special file server
is needed.
We've got a library from Visuality to be linked to the BSP. Everything works
fine. In usrAppInit() we start the CIFS system with nqStart() and mount a
windows share of the server pc using nqAddMount(...). A new vxWorks device
is created and everything is working correctly.
There's only one problem. I want to change the standard IO path to this new
device. I tried cd(), chdir(), ioDefPathSet(). After usrAppInit() has
finished the pwd() stays the old ftp device.
When I change manually on the shell to the new device, my application can
use CIFS. But I don't get it running automatically. I tried to do it in a
seperate task...then I tried to use the execute command, but it seems it
doesn't exist anymore in vxworks 6.1.
The same application was running on vxworks 5.4 without any problem.
How can I change the default IO path for all tasks automatically after
booting vxworks??
Can anybody help me?

Thank you