I'm confused.
I'm trying to upgrade from Tornado 2.0.2 to Tornado 2.2.1.
My image built on 2.0.2 is working just fine. I created a new bootable
project based on the templates supplied by WindRiver.
The project compiles but I'm getting an exception while the target is
booting (at the "tBoot" context).
I got inside with "vision probe" (using BDM) and I could see that the
branch command at the sysInit function (at the sysALib.s file) that
jump to the usrInit function was omitted from the code that the
emulator generate (while it exists and compiles at the source code - I
even added few lines of myself to be sure that the target and me are
looking on the same code).
The sysInit start at 0x100000 and the usrInit is at 0x10d3a8 (it not
seems like a problem to me).

Can you please advise?

Thanks in advance,