Hi all,

I'm currently porting my vxworks 5.5 products (PPC603) to the vxworks
6.2. I have my own makefile. Currently I can't compile a vxWorks with
my makefiles, I receive always this message:

ccppc.EXE tried to spawn get_feature but failed: The system cannot find
the file specified.

It seems that something is not correctly initialized, but what???

Based on the vxWorks development shell i've set my variables...
WIND_BASE, etc... and my tools setting is:
# Tools Definitions
CC = ccppc
AR = arppc
LD = ldppc
NM = nmppc
RM = vxrm
RMDIR = rm -rf
MUNCH = wtxtcl
$(WIND_BASE)/host/resource/hutils/tcl/munch.tcl -asm ppc
OBJCOPY = objcopyppc
PERL = $(ROOT_PERL)/bin/perl
SHELL = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe

Any help will be appreciated...
Thanks in advance