Have anyone tried the following line, and the output is correctly
displayed "8 - 2 sample_isr" :

logMsg("%X - %X sample_isr",8,2,0,0,0,0);

I created a serial IO driver. In the write routine I used
fprintf(stderr,...) to print out the buffer parameter. And that is
what I received.

buffer = 80x (received 1 character)

Also, it is very interesting that this write is being processed twices.
First time I will receive data of 2 bytes (buffer = 0x),
second time is data of 1 byte.

One other question, how does everybody setup the logMsg so that it has
default output format (
(): )?

In general, I am using Tornado 2.2.1 with VxWorks 5.5.1. From the
WindShell, I have tLogTask running. I have a customized driver, so
that I use logFdAdd() to add the opened file ID of this customized
driver to the log write pipline. Anyone had the similar problem
before? Any idea or suggestion of what I should look of why this

Thank you.