I'm having a bit of an issue trying to get tornado 2.02 to boot from a RAID
network storage appliance running ProFTPD v.1.2.9 under a version of Linux.
The problem is that downloading the boot image takes around 6-7 minutes.
Downloading the script file happens normally, in a couple of seconds. I've
found no diagnostics in the server log other than statements showing that the
first session opens and closes ~7 minutes later, and the second session opens
and closes in a few seconds. This appears to be different than the situation
in which the second file or a second reboot takes a long time because of
inability to reuse the port. My problem happens first time, every time. I've
connected to the server with various mac, windows and solaris clients w/ no
problems. I have however seen a problem w/ WS_FTP v4.50 that could be similar.
I found some info mentioning slow connections due to a reverse DNS lookup by
ProFTPD, but the vendor sent a config file patch that supposedly prevents this
reverse lookup, with no effect. I would appreciate any suggestions.
dale brewe