Dear all,

When i am debugging my source code from the GDB command line i am
not able to see my
stack trace.

I kept a break point at some location 1,there i am able to see
the stack trace
....with the commnad backtrace on the command line i am able to see the
stack at the time
of debugging the location 1.

when i kept a break point at some other location 2 ..and when
trying to view the
stack trace it was not at all displaying and with the command backtrace
it was displaying

Warning: GDB can't find the start of the function at 0x64.

What could be the GDB debugger is getting busy and i am not
able to debug my
code neither from the command line nor from the shell.

Is there any problem with the compiling of my source code...I am using
Mips with GCC
compiler in the tornado 2.2.1.

At few locations ... my debugger is getting busy...what could be the

Waiting for your valuable suggestions..