i'v get in troble in add a additional moudle into my vxworks image
use tornado.
i want to add a foo.o object file to my image.so i modify the
MACH_EXTRA macro in my bsp's makefile.like MACH_EXTRA=$(MY_DIR)/foo.o.
macro MY_DIR is an absolute path. this works when use the command line
build.but it not work when i use tornado.i found that the tornado
genereated makefile paser the extra module include to
$(BSP_DIR)/$(MY_DIR)/foo.o. for example MY_DIR is C:\mydir.the tornado
generated extra moulde include infromation is
because my foo.o will use by two or more bsps,so i can not place it
into one bsp directory because it is hard to syncnize the objcet when i
update it.
can someone give a guide to solve the problem?thanks a lot!