hi, folks
My load file can't successfully boot up from local scsi disk.
error info from debug port like below:

Press any key to stop auto-boot...

boot device : scsi=0,0
unit number : 0
processor number : 0
inet on ethernet (e) :
flags (f) : 0xa
other (o) : ai

PCI Interface v01b .
RAM base is mapped to system 0 PCI memory space at 0x00000000.
HA Module not detected. ---- ( this will show up even though normal
NCR 53c720/825 SCSI-II driver version 03b
Attaching to scsi device... done.

Loading /sd0/my_vxworks...18815328 interrupt: ncr7 0Intr: Unexpected
data in phase interrupt: dsp=0x1ffdeb8 "

boot from scsi will work normally before. Since I add some module to my
code and enlarge its size to "18815328" (as above), boot failure with
that interrupt. I can not trace this fault in the code, what does it
Also I found an experienced value of Load size 18.3M below which
succeed, otherwise fail as above.it there any size limitation of load
file in scsi?

I've traced the code of bootloader, from beginning:
autoBoot->bootLoad(return a start entry of loading)->scsiLoad
->bootLoadModule (boot routine should stop here)
Since I can't trace bootLoadModule() fun in deep, just know it copy
the load file from scsi to RAM and return an entry for loading??? am
I right????
But I am confused what relationship it has with the size of load file?

Another clue:
when I choose netLoad from boot server, it can work well with that
large size of load.it is really strange. I know the only difference
between them is:
netLoad using ftp protocol download load file into RAM and booting, and
scsiLoad copy load file from scsi disk to RAM and booting. what was the

I guess it is maybe the file system(Dos) limitation or memory
limitation, what's your opinion
if it's the case, is there any clue to modify some config file to
expand the limitation above?

Have you encounter some similar issue like this before? Looking forward
to your reply.
thanks in advanced for your kindness concern!