Can END_RCV_RTN_CALL be safely called in a context other than tNetTask
(not doing a netJobAdd)? I receive datapath packets and the control
(VxWorks stack) packets in the same driver (same device) running in a
polled mode.

The safe & inefficient approach would be to check if the received
packet is VxWorks stack packet - if it is then:
1. schedule for execution in tNetTask context by calling netJobAdd with
the another receive routine function ptr and the packet pointer as
2. In the second receive function (which was specified by netJobAdd) -
call END_RCV_RTN_CALL in tNetTask context.

Can I avoid using this second receive function (not do netJobAdd) and
call END_RCV_RTN_CALL directly? I have tried it and it works (I can
ping - I can telnet) - I was just wondering if it was really safe to do
so (i.e. will it work in all the cases or will it give some kind of
wierd crash or wierd behavior down the line).