when i use vxworks,i get some problems:

the size of my system 's Ram is 128M
According to I design,
my bootrom image 's RAM_HIGH_ADRS is 0x800000,and RAM_LOW_ADRS is
my vxworks image (vxworks_rom,named zipflex.bin,which contains
appications) 's RAM_HIGH_ADRS is 0x8000000,and RAM_LOW_ADRS is
my sysMemTop is 104M,because 24M in high address is reserved for my
appication system!!

Bootrom image loads the vxworks image to the address of 0x7400000(116M,
!=RAM_HIGH_ADRS ) and uncompress it to 0x100000(1M, =RAM_LOW_ADRS ),

when I boot my system ,it can go to openshell sucessfully,but when i
run my system,it is dead .But when I change the uncompress address
mentioned above to 0x300000(3M,!=RAM_LOW_ADRS ),the system can run ok,

Is there anybody know the reason??

thanks a lot!!