On 2 Nov 2005, devgaonkar@gmail.com wrote:

> I am using following code to pass event from non-gui thread to gui
> thread ..

> Application->EventManager()->Put(qEvent);

> both the tasks namely gui (zinc) and non-gui are at same priority.
> problem is ...

> There is delay in receiving event in GUI queue. If i post an event
> at time t1 in non-gui queue. In GUI thread (zinc message queue) it
> is retreived somewhere at t1+3 seconds !

The non-GUI task will not yeild the CPU to Zinc. Is the system idle
or is the non-GUI (or a higher priority) task running?

Did you explicitly redraw in the Zinc code that is handling the event?
Are you sure that the GUI task is taking 3 seconds to execute or is
this when you see the screen updated?

Bill Pringlemeir.

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