hi buddy,
Any one has such experience running vxworks bundled ppp implementation
(now should be deprecated) over a pty interface?

Reason to do so is that master side of pty interface can be connected
to the interface i created without changing ppp server.

Things just do not go smoothly as expected. The problem is:

Start ppp server over /pty/0.S, and write a string e.g. "CLIENT" to
/pty/0.M, the server can only read out "CLIEN", without 'T', only when
"CLIENT" is written the second time, server can get 'T', but the
reading result is "TCLIEN", the last character is still missing!!!
What happens to ppp server?
As i know ppp server uses netTask to read data from /pty/0.M port.

Any thing i missed in the configuration? or any thing i can do to get
server work properly?

Thanks a lot.

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