Hi All,
I have a standalone card with 2 processors on it. These two processors
are connected using a phy-less MII. I want to run IP over ethernet between
them. However, one of the processors is also connected to the outside world
using fast ethernet and IP.

Since one of the processors is dual homed with one private and one public
network, the challenge is to pick IP addresses for the inter-processor link
which will never collide with the external world. I am running VxWorks 5.5
VxWorks IP stack. I only have access to a single IP stack instance.

I was planning on using 0.x.x.x/8 IP addresses for the internal
communication between processors since this is considered illegal IP address
range for any other device. I wanted to know :
1. If there are changes necessary in the VxWorks stack to set these ip
addresses to the interfaces ?
2. What changes are necessary to be precise?
3. Will the routing table accept 0.x.x.x/8 IP addresses?

Has anyone done this before or has related experience regarding this

- Manish M