Hello Dev,

You may want to have a look at Tilcon, www.tilcon.com. Tilcon is a Wind
River Platform Partner for graphics tools for their Platform for
Industrial Devices, Platform for Automotive Devices, Platform for
Consumer Devices and General Purpose Platforms. Tilcon supports both
VxWorks 5 and 6, and its unique architecture is focused on reliability,
scalability and easy implementation/simulation.



dev wrote:
> we are using Zinc to develop a front end system for a real time system.
> Both core application and zinc front end thread are running on a single
> processor system.
> Is zinc stable for real time system like vxWorks ?
> Is there any other option for developing realtime gui ?
> I have had bad experience with zinc designer & its resource file
> philosophy !
> So I am mostly using code to design my GUI rather than resource file.
> dev