Dan W wrote:
> See below for the code I'm using. I have created a file called File.out
> which contains a symbol I want to call (called 'main').

Could be that this is the problem. main is a name you should not use in
VxWorks, as it is reserved for the OS itself. Try it again with the main
symbol renamed to (for example) my_main.

> I download another piece of test code called loader in an .out file and run
> it from the shell. It attempts to load the File.out
> file and extract the symbol but fails the loadModule function. I can use
> the ld < File.out from the shell to load the file from
> my host o the host but I need to be able to do this just the target.
> Any idea's why the loadModule function fails?

What is the value of errno after the call to loadModule?

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