I thought to provide some more stuff:
Our FPGA Chip runs FC i.e we have SCSI over FC Nic. And we
have the SCSI Driver working fine with Linux. But in VxWorks
we are facing problems with the Threads and how to send the
SCSI Command on the FPGA. Basically I am looking where and
how to add the actual txmit code to the VxWorks's scsiMgr
task which I have spawned as per their requirements. And also
I don't have a sample code for the scsiTransact funcptr as they
mentioned in their docs. Hope, someone might have experienced
similar problems and help me.....
ray@ddc-web.com wrote:
> Hello,
> We have our own FPGA chip via which I am trying to send a SCSI
> command under VxWorks RTOS. I like to know where I may have to
> add the needed code to send a SCSI command (Request Sense,
> Inquiry) which are done via the scsiPhysDevCreate function. I
> understand the SCSI Lib 2 Template Driver as provided by VxWorks.
> But it does not have a fully clear Transaction using scsiTransact
> function pointer. I am guessing that when scsiPhysDevCreate is
> called it creates the SCSI Threads and it must have a way to
> send the SCSI command. And there is scsiThreadActivate function
> pointer which I am guessing may be the place where I may be able
> to add the needed code to txmit a command via the FPGA.
> If somebody has used FPGA chip where they had written their own
> Txmit/Receive mechanisms for SCSI Lib 2 Please respond.....
> Thanks in advance,
> ray,