Hello all,

I have faced a problem in windml programing. VxWorks tells me a VESA
2.0 or later is required.

My target is a old pc486 and my tornado is version 2.02 with a
windml2.0. And I build windml object with a configuration of i80486,
X86-BIOS, 8depth, 640x480, keyboards, no pointer, and with all other
miscelloneous options. When I build a fresh new project with only a
wextext.c file in, and build vxworks , download it throuth ethernet
into the target, debug it with telnet, I key in " ld <
wextext.owextext"it tells me "VESA VBE Version 1.2
compatible vedio BIOS", and later says "VESA Version 2.0 or later
required". I have unwise the windml even tornado, but still. So
anybody may tell me why this happened or how to fix it? Thank you very

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