I am using VxWorks 5.5.1 with c100 power pc BSP. Problem is that Whenver I am executing DriverInitialization(), It is returning as -1, which is defined as programming error. But if before execution of DriverInitialization(), executing pciHeaderShow function, and then DriverInitialization(), then it is returning driver number 10 which is correct.
But it is not the correct way to find the driver number. Using debugging mode I found that In pciFindDevice(venId, DevId, 0, busno., devno, funno.), it is taking the correct value of all the parameter, except devno. In case of devno, it was showing 0 as value while correct dev num is 3. thatswhy DriverInitialization() function returing -1.

I think Driver code is correct because with RL4 BSP it was woriking fine But after formatting the system when I Installed C100 BSP, It starts to giving prob. Is it any extra file is required for c100 BSP. Please anyone can solve this problem.
With Thanks bye.