hi all,

I'm working on vxworks 6.4 based board on which I need to integrate an
external module.
This module manage his config through some config files stored in
flash referenced by example as follow:
#define ONE_CONFIG_FILE "flash0:/onedir/file.ini"

Now, I have not yet an available flash filesystem, just an image taht
is loaded by ftp from my host pc with following devices available at
-> devs
drv name
0 /null
1 /tyCo/0
1 /tyCo/1
4 /ram0
7 /
9 host:
10 /vio
11 /tgtsvr

I have tested host alias method that access to my pc through ftp, but
win file system structure are different than unix like directory

How I can work around to simulate my flash0: device and directory
structure on my board, or maybe on my pc?

I heard about "dragon server" but company website (http://
www.shadowopsoftware.com/) result not available and I can't found it
on the web.

Thanks for your kindly support