Has sem implemenation in Vxworks 6.3 changed when compared to vxworks
I am actually trying to launch SIM with Vxworks 6.3. Earlier the
simulator was running in vxworks6.1 and i have no problem running it
with my application load.
Now with this vx6.3 i have facing segmenattion error at tRoottask() at
file semLib.c. It seems from the debugger that one of the register
value becomes zero when segmenattion occurs. i was wondering what is
the reason for this since i can track this erro using only assembly
code and want to know if semtake inplemenattion has changed in vx63
and if so whatcan be done to remove this error? ( workaround to solve
this error when launching SIM without having to change vxworks code).

Error Log:

Segmentation violation
Program Counter: 0x611b4dd0
Access Address: 0x00000040
Task: 0x79793cf8 "tRootTask"
0x79793cf8 (tRootTask): task 0x79793cf8 has had a failure and has been
0x79793cf8 (tRootTask): fatal kernel task-level exception!

any info regarding this would be of help.
Thanks in advance.