My bsp is base on power pc. while i boot the image using emac, Call
'ustTffsConfg(0, 0, "/tffs0")' on the shell, i can make the ture tffs,
Call "devs", i can see the dev list. using network i can copy vxWorks
image to flash, the order is :
copy "vxWorks", "/tffs0/vxWorks"
while i wanna boot the image from flash, i have update the boot parameter
in bsp, but while reboot as this, bsp print the following error

0xc816c0 (tBoot): checkStatus() ERROR line 44
0xc816c0 (tBoot): checkStatus() ERROR line 279
tffsDevCreate failed.

The vxWorks will not boot correctly, what i can do? Thanks!

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