We are facing some problem with dynamic_cast in power pc. We are
using PPC85XX tool chain.
The scenario is something like this.

We have a Base class and a publicly derived class in X.hpp which have
virtual functions. We allocate a object of type dervied in X.cpp.
We try dynamic_cast in Y.cpp from base class type to derived. We found
that dynamic_cast always fails in Y.cpp. The dynamic_cast works
if we have allocated the object in same file. But if we allocate a
object in some file and use dynamic_cast in some other file it always
We have enabled the RTTI flag during code compilation. The same code
works in Windows, UNIX flavours, VxWorks MIPS, VxWorks ARM platforms
(same gcc 3.3 version).

Any body has any idea regarding this? Am I missing any special
compiler options or linker options ??

Any help is greatly appreciated !

Thank you !