Hi Guys,
I am running vxworks5.4.2 and running heavy traffic through my
board,after some time I get the messages
memPartAlloc: block too big - 4080 in partition 0x8080b1b0.
I have gone through some of the posts but could not get any useful
info.Can anybody give some tips on the following.
1.I am getting the "block too big - 4080 in partition 0x8080b1b0"
messages from different application tasks and from system tasks
(tNetTask) as well and I observed that for all the 'block too big
'messages the partition ID is showing same even though different
applications have their own partitions .My question here is Why it is
showing the same partition ID for different tasks even though they
have their own partitions created(All the tasks created partitions
from system partition only but they should have different partition
ID's and in the block too big messages it should show the
corresponding partition ID but it is showing system partition ID only
for all the tasks)

Thanks in advance,