Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with the integration of a BSP in Tornado.
How can I add the BSP to the Tornado tool?

All the BSPs are in \Tornado2.2\target\config
When i copy the BSP folder to this location and when i try to create a project through the wizard it gives a compilation error in the last wizard panel

make.exe: Entering directory `C:\Tornado2.2\target\config\BSP_TP'
make.exe: Leaving directory `C:\Tornado2.2\target\config\BSP_TP'
C:\Tornado2.2/target/h/make/defs.bsp:195: C:\Tornado2.2/target/h/tool/gnu/make.PPC604gnu: No such file or directory

I've never "installed" a BSP in Tornado...