Does anyone have experience with VxDCOM/VxOPC? We are useing VxDCOM 1.6.0
and VxOPC 2.1, Tornado 2.0, VxWorks 5.4. The OPC client runs on a Windows
XP. Even if we use the demo example (with the Red, Green, Blue items) DCOM
crashes with page fault. It seems like the task queue in the event handler
crashes during receiving an opc-rpc packet. This is the beginning of the
page fault message:

Program Counter: 0x00520b4e
Status Register: 0x00010206
Error Code : 0x00000000
53cc1f _threadHandler__t9TaskQueue1ZP12EventHandlerPv+13 : 53be8a
([1f1993c, 0, 3ec67c,
1f1993c, 0])
53bea7 _serviceHandler__10ThreadPool+6b : 522f55 (1eebd0c, 1a)
522f81 _handleInput__15RpcEventHandleri+71 : _process__15RpcEventHandler
523035 _process__15RpcEventHandler+55 :
_dispatchPdu__15RpcEventHandlerRC6RpcPdu (1eebd0
c, 1eeb010)

Does DCOM/OPC work on any's project?