Hello VxWorkers!

I have a VxWorks embedded device which has two Ethernet cards.
The IP addresses are NET1.A and NET2.A. Automatically I get two
entries in the routing table:

NET1.0 --> NET1.A
NET2.0 --> NET2.A

For some scenarios I want to use this box as an IP router.
I have a PC connected to the NET1 (IP address NET1.B) and another
device connected to NET2 (IP address NET2.C).
I want to access NET2.C from NET1.B.

On my PC I have an entry in the routing table:
NET2.0 --> NET1.A (use VxWorks box as a router)

On the second device: --> NET2.A (use VxWorks box as a default router on the way

However, when I try to access NET2.C from NET1.B it fails (ping,
telnet etc).
I ran a network sniffer and saw that IP packets from PC were directed
to NET1.A (the routing on PC worked). However I don't receive any

I have a feeling that IP routing is disabled on my VxWorks box. Is it
possibel? Is it a configurable parameter of the IP stack or network
interface? If it is - then how to enable it?

Thanks in advance,

- Alex