> When I used VxWorks 6.x, I rarely (if ever) used Eclipse. All my
> building was done through the command line.
> cd
> -p vxworks-6.x <-- substitute the version for x
> Projects could be created using vxprj.
> For help on vxprj, use vxprj help.
> Some other useful vxprj commands are ...
> vxprj create ...
> vxprj component add ...
> vxprj component remove ...
> vxprj bundle add ...
> Hopefully the above is of some use to you. If not, please accept my
> apologies.
> Disclaimer: As I no longer use VxWorks, I may be off in the syntax.
> On Dec 14, 3:43 am, Christian Williamson wrote:
>> Has anyone been able to get past using Eclipse for developing under
>> VxWorks 6.x? We'd like to use the Make files we created for our
>> application rather than using Eclipse's way of building.


Thanks, Peter, we'll try it.