When I used VxWorks 6.x, I rarely (if ever) used Eclipse. All my
building was done through the command line.

wrenv.sh -p vxworks-6.x <-- substitute the version for x

Projects could be created using vxprj.
For help on vxprj, use vxprj help.
Some other useful vxprj commands are ...
vxprj create ...
vxprj component add ...
vxprj component remove ...
vxprj bundle add ...

Hopefully the above is of some use to you. If not, please accept my
Disclaimer: As I no longer use VxWorks, I may be off in the syntax.

On Dec 14, 3:43 am, Christian Williamson wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get past using Eclipse for developing under
> VxWorks 6.x? We'd like to use the Make files we created for our
> application rather than using Eclipse's way of building.