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> In article <0003e74f$0$26284$>, JF Mezei
> writes:
> >John Reagan wrote:
> >
> >> I've been staying out of the discussion since I don't even

> understand them.
> >> That part of the productizing of the compilers is above my pay

> grade as they
> >> say.

> >
> >But Shirley, you guys could add a couple of IF statements in your
> >compilers to check the status of the licence check call and exit
> >gracefully when it is not good ?
> >
> >And a better thing would be to put the licence check in a loop with a

> >second timer. If the licence is already "in use", wait 10 seconds and
> >try again. This way, as soon as the other compile is done, this one can
> >begin. (this loop could be controlled though some logical name whose
> >value would be the maximum amount of time to wait for licence to become
> >available)

> Polling? How unixy.

...and don't call him "Shirley!"

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