With this ENABLE list, PMDF does not know anything about LDAP. PMDF is not
looking at LDAP directly at all. The only thing you are telling PMDF about is
the SYSUAF, so PMDF only checks with SYSUAF to look for the username and
password. Anything having to do with LDAP is being done by OpenVMS itself,
which PMDF is completely unaware of and has nothing to do with.

If you want PMDF to check LDAP for the username/password, you have to configure
PMDF to use LDAP directly. You have to specify the LDAP authentication source
on the ENABLE line, and configure the AUTH_SOURCE=LDAP section. Configuring
PMDF to use LDAP is documented in the System Manager's Guide, chapter 14.

Valerie Miller
Process Software