JF Mezei wrote on 11/05/2008 01:00:57 PM:

> Ramon Jimenez wrote:
> > So, without the cluster option. Is there another way than copying
> > sysuaf.dat and rights.dat files?

> Would defining SYSUAF and RIGHSLISTS to point to a decnet file
> specification work ?
> This would be quite a dog in terms of performance, and you may have to
> setup various proxies.
> You could have a detached process that regularly checks the modified
> date on the sysuaf/rightlists and copy them over to the other node when
> those dates are different than the previous pass.
> Remember to advise your users that in the case of a failover, it is
> possible that a new password recently changed was reverted and they
> would need to change it again.
> ( you would also need to consider copying the password history file as
> well).

Yes, and copy the password and password seed fields to the other SYSUAF
(I had a program around once to do that, too.)