> Which are the DNS records that the PMDF SPF routine search for?

> SPF ?
> TXT ?

SPF information is stored in a TXT record.

> and I have the following entry in the FROM_ACCESS table

> TCP|*|25|*|*|SMTP|*|tcp_local|*@*|* $C$[PMDF_SPF_LIBRARY,spf_lookup,\
> $1,$4@$5,$5,X-PMDF-SPF]$E

> So, I suspect that there is something of wrong in my configuration.

The second use of "$5" is not what you want. That parameter specifies
the domain name that appears in the Received-SPF: header and
designates the local system. What you have wouldn't cause what you're
seeing, but it would generated a header that would show, in this case,
"gmail.com" where it would normally show your hostname.

I tried your mapping on my VMS system and had no trouble performing
the lookup and getting the Received-SPF: header.

You may want to turn on PMDF debugging and define this environment
variable to get some SPF debugging output:


My ignorance of UNIX will show here, as I'm not sure how you define
that so that it's defined for the PMDF processes.

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