One Last Advanced Server Story?

Investigating some issues with Advanced Server led me to find some
hostile domain admins to be causing the server performance problem.

Caught with their computers trying to get into the OpenVMS cookie jar, the
admins successfully argued:

"It looks like NT.
It acts like NT.
But it doesn't behave like NT."

I tried to argue that this might actually be a good thing.
Not surprisingly, I lost.
Maybe I should have let them hack the server.

Now they get to choose between ftp and manual data entry?
If you can't break the system, pissing off the users always works.

Someday I am going to have to take the time and collect up some material
to support my position.

Selling OpenVMS on merit alone just doesn't seem to work.

I hope I did not give anyone the impression that SELLING OpenVMS is easy.
But it sure is fun to defend.
I still manage to smile (and learn) more in defeat then they do in victory.

Goodbye Advanced Server.


And Helloooo Samba.

What Yin takes, Yang gives back. :-)

I have been having fun learning and testing Samba.

Never knowing if what I was doing was right or wrong and unable to know if I was
correctly verifying the results (or even getting correct results), led to some
very interesting test sessions.

I have been driving our nosey bling-bling-dows server crazy.
(I am working with an untrusted domain that it can see)

It watches as I test Samba, trying to figure out what I am doing and I don't
think it likes what it sees.

I am pretty sure that some issues with that server are related to me!
Hey, I didn't know my test was going to knock it off the air.
(but I did know that verifying my result would :-)

And now I have an Admin Guide!!!

A new look, in the Vendor "Your Part Of The Family" font to boot!
With examples, explanations and suggestions of more to come!!
There even is a ( still weak ) configuration tool that is
helping me to more quickly get up to speed.

Make SWAT strong!

Just a loonies worth ($1.00 CDN $0.782718 USD (2008.10.26 12:51:19 UTC))



And I wonder if that proprietary open source initiative is going to work out?
Does anybody actually read what they are typing into some of their newer OpenVMS
only documents?
Interesting times indeed.

Oh and a happy belated birthday. :-)