TCPIP> show conf enable serv

shows the node-specific services that are to be auto started.

TCPIP> show conf enable serv /common

Shows the services that are to be auto started on all nodes in the cluster.

The problem is that when you are trying to debug some problem with TCPIP
startup, one should have a command that provides the combined list.

Have been scratching my head for a while to figure out why SSH and RSH
were started even though they were not in the SHOW CONF ENABLE SERV.

I realise that TCPIP$STARTUP.COM parses the output of those commands, so
changing their format may not be so easy. But it would be nice if the
SHOW SERV ENABLE CONF were to list the node specific services followed
by the clusterwide sertvices. (with an header between the two to
indicate that the next services are clusterwide.)