Hi Francesco,

>Process Software MultiNet V5.2 Rev A-X, COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 833 MHz,
>OpenVMS AXP V8.2
>After the upgrade to the most recent NAMED image the name
>server answers "query refused" to query coming from external (not localhost)

I was told by PSC support that the patch implemented a change in behaviour
for the allow-query options. The previous behaviour allowed queries from
anywhere; the patch changed the default to allow queries only from your
local network.

If the server in question is supposed to answer queries from external hosts
you will have to add this to NAMED.CONF:

/* Allow anyone to query us, but only local hosts can use this */
/* nameserver for general lookups. All others can query only */
/* for domains we are authoratitive for. */

allow-query { any; };
allow-recursion {; a.b.c.d/m; };

where 'a.b.c.d/m' is your network starting address and size, e.g.

>-. The name server process is running (show system).
>-. I have no allow-query definition in my named config file.
>-. If I remove the new image, the name server start to work again.
>-. This is the first named upgrade for Multinet 5.2 that I have done.
>-. I know (from a site with a similar configuration) that the problem
>appeared since the recent ISC security patch, infact I wait until
>now to do the upgrade on my prodution system.

>What can I do to trace the problem?



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