Great news on Java and MySQL availability, especially on Itanium!


Sun JavaT support for ItaniumŪ Platforms - Sun JavaT support for ItaniumŪ
Platforms is now available with Java SE 6 for both Windows and Linux
environments (Windows Server 2003 SP2, RHEL 4u5, SLES 9SP4, and SLES 10SP1).
The culmination of a deep collaborative effort between Intel and Sun, the
new Sun Java release provides a robust Java platform for Itanium-based
solutions. Improvements in Hotspot Virtual Machine and class libraries
deliver significant performance gains over the 1.4.2 Java release for
Itanium. Download the new JDK for Windows and Linux (both Red Hat and SUSE)
on Itanium. Learn more at the Itanium Solutions Alliance website.

Run MySQL on HP-UX 11i v3 - MySQL announces availability of its flagship
database product MySQL on HP-UX 11i v3. HP's latest HP-UX 11i release
delivers complete integrated security plus significant advantages over prior
releases in the areas of performance, simplified more powerful system
management, and reduced downtime. Benefits to our mutual customers include
faster time-to-solution, increased productivity, and risk avoidance. The
range of Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i v3 - from entry-class to
Superdomes to blade servers - gives our customers flexibility to configure
to budget, business and technical requirements. Support for MySQL on HP-UX
11i is available from both HP and MySQL.

Honestly, what the hell do VMS Middle Management get paid for?

Regards Richard Maher