Ordinarily I don't sub, but this client wanted me to help them find
someone. Location is Chicago Loop and all work must be done on site.
I need an actual independent which means you need an EIN (Employer
Identification Number) as I'm not issuing a 1099 to an SSN.

I can pay you $90-$98/hr.

Here are the requirements.

Looking to engage a C++ Contractor to help redesign and recompile our
Database connectivity library wrapper which we have had for several
years. This wrapper in written in C++, so we will need a person
extremely proficient in C++ and Sybase Libraries for 12.5 and 15.0 for
ASE and IQ.

A minimum of 5 years of C++ experience
Must have a strong understanding of Unix and/or Linux
Establish a robust Database connectivity layer based of the most
current Drivers offered by Sybase for ASE and IQ.
We would like the layer to be able to take advantage of High
Availability features offered in ASE and IQ
Add in additional support for other third party RDBMS vendors into
this library. ie MS-SQL, Oracle, and MySQL.
Build a layer to handle the Sybase Error messages in correct fashion
for things like DeadLock, Log fulls, Security, etc.

We would require a Connectivity test package to confirm the Layer is
properly built and can establish connections.
We would like the layer to be called with a debug mode to assist in
troubleshooting efforts.