On Oct 14, 1:16 am, johnwalla...@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
> On Oct 13, 6:52 pm, JF Mezei wrote:
> Will CSI really catch on? That may depend on whether it works right,
> and whether it adds value as well as cost (if it *saves* cost, so much
> the better). Actually I'm not as confident as you are, but the chances
> of success are high. Intel do have market failures from time to time,
> even in the x86 world, e.g. their in-house graphics have traditionally
> been laughable. As for CSI enabling scalability to bigger systems: you
> can already get a 32core 256GB Proliant based on Opteron, and even the
> Xeon one already does 16 cores and 256GB. Do many sensible people
> really want/need more than that? Some do, but...

Now HP has 24 cores Xeon-based gear.