Hallo VMS-Community,

I've had miscellaneous security-related issues on my DEC MicroVAX!
Now, she's back, especially for VMS-Hobbyists, and with the really
nice NEWUSER-Program from Steve Hoff (HoffmanLabs) & DaBeave (Deathrow
OpenVMS Cluster):

Machine: horse.marway.org
System: DEC MicroVAX 3100-80, 50MHz Mariah CPU, 24MB Ram, 1GB Sysdisk,
4.3GB SCSI disc for users...
Username: NEWUSER
Password: NEWUSER
OS: OpenVMS VAX Operating System V7.3 with misc UNIX-like
command & tools (tar, unzip/zip, irc/ircdough, vi/vim/vile,
lynx, tin, rm, rmdir, mkdir, chown, chgrp, chmod, uname,
uptime, who
Compilers: Compaq CC V6.4-005, PASCAL 6.8, FORTRAN 77, BASIC Interpreter
and Compiler 3.9

But, don't forget: It's a VAXnode for hobbyists. If you're NOT interessted,
feel free and go to next article please.

Now, set your Terminalemulation to VT100, and register or re-register
your OpenVMS Account in the Starlet No. 77 Hobbyist-VAXcluster. I hope,
you've fun on my MV 3100-80!

$ telnet horse.marway.org
Username: _

Layla tov', best wishes & Shalom,

Alexander Horn, Hostmaster (of staff) | OpenVMS (TM) rocks!
10 Bruckner, Sindelfingen 71065 Germany | http://www.marway.org/
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